Beware of the Villainess!
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Beware of the Villainess!

Other Name: 그 악녀를 조심하세요!, 恶毒女配今天不营业, Geu Angnyeoreul Josimhaseyo!

Beware of the Villainess! - Summary

I became the villainess of a novel! Do I hate it? No! I find it rather nice. A duke’s daughter equals a jobless rich person. How can I miss out on a chance like this?! This is the best chance to just enjoy life. I should throw out the main plot and just live life how I want to! Not long after waking up as the villainess, I witnessed my fiancé, the crown prince, and the novel’s male lead, cheating. I saw him embrace a lady other than me and he was smiling so bright. I was brought to tears… Just kidding, I didn’t cry! My tears are worth too much to be wasted on that garbage. Instead of tears, I yelled out, “Your highness, are you trash?”

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